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Financially Empower your Employees

Protect your team from financial stress. Give them access to their salary as they make it.

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Attract, motivate and retain talent
by making any day salary day. 

Easy Set-up
Start using Paisa today for free and integrate it into your existing payroll system right away.
Total Control
Employers determine what portion of earned wage people can withdraw before payday.
Significant Results
On-demand pay is highly profitable thanks to its positive impact on staff productivity and satisfaction.
Business as usual
Our solution doesn't impact your pay cycles in any way.

Why do you need Earned Wage Access

Financial insecurity in employees leads to huge business revenue losses. 


Why Paisa is a Gamechanger

We give salaried employees instant access to their earned wages so they can use that money whenever they need it.

Function at Full Capacity
Reduced financial stress diminishes staff absenteeism by 20%.
Attract the best of the best
79% of workers would switch to your company if offered earned wage access.

Biggest Workforce Improvement at

Our fully shariah-compliant platform charges only a little transaction fee, and THAT’S IT!

Enable faster purchasing and give every employee access to the funds they need in a safe and secure manner.


Financial Wellness with
Your Personal Financial Assistant

Money matters! So, we’ve created a powerful yet easy-to-use AI Dino.
Get financial well-being advice from our chatbot.

Promising Transparency

Confused how the app works? Easy! just ask dino.

Prevent Overwithdrawal

The finance team sets approval workflows & spending policies.

Manage Spending

Flexible payment methods make it easy to pay online & on the go.

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Seriously Loved by
Finance and HR Teams

CFOs, accountants, HR managers and employees at companies of every size and industry
rely on Paisa to provide financial wellness to their employees.

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Quick and halal advances your people need today

A modern alternative to the outdates pay cycle systems. User-friendly software across all platforms designed to ensure your team’s financial wellness. 


General Questions

Paisa is a UAE company. Our team is made up of doers and builders, who share a common mission and belief when it comes to improving employee wellbeing. Employee wellbeing can be tackled from many angles, but we believe financial empowerment and knowledge is the one that has the greatest impact. And that is why we built Paisa.
Paisa has four clear goals:
– Empower employees financially
– Enable employers to engage their employees
– Provide tools and education to those who need it
– Reduce the impact of financial stress

At the touch of a button, Paisa allows you to access a portion of your earned income. Log in to the app to view earned wages, then instantly select the amount you wish to transfer directly to your bank account.

How is my available balance calculated?
The amount available to transfer is based on two variables:
– Worked shifts must be approved and submitted by your employer. This process can be instant, or it can be performed weekly, depending on the company you work for.
– Your employer determines the percentage of your earned wages available to you, typically up to 50%.

What is the cost to use Paisa?
Each transfer, no matter the amount, will only ever cost you a fee of 25 AED per transfer. Paisa is not a loan. We do not provide any credit, and there will never be any interest charges.

How will my salary be affected?
At the end of the pay period, any of your salary not already accessed will be paid as usual, minus any fees. You will also be able to review any activity you have made via your account.

How is Paisa connected to my employer?
Paisa is a benefit provider that gives you access to your earned wages. We rely on the information provided by your employer to bring you this service. However, we cannot make any changes to your payroll, and any wage or salary discrepancies must be taken to your HR team. Please contact them directly.

The Paisa mobile app is currently available to download for Android and iOS. You can download the Paisa app any time using the links below:
– Apple App Store (Coming soon)
– Google Play Store (Coming soon)

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to email [email protected].

Please note that you can only use the Paisa app if your employer is working with us. If you're not sure that your employer is currently working with us, search for your employer here(coming soon).

If your employer is working with us however, then your registration ID is a unique code included in the welcome email sent to you. Please check the email for the registration ID. If you didn't receive a welcome email or if you can't find the registration ID, please email us at [email protected]

NOTE: After enrolling in Paisa, your employer must approve your enrolment. This approval process usually takes 2 days. You will receive an email confirmation once completed.

Depending on the company you work for, the process to enrol in Paisa may vary. In most cases, you will receive an email from Paisa or from your employer with instructions on how to proceed. However, if you do not receive this email, or you have further questions about which enrolment process is right for you, please contact [email protected].

Enrolling with Paisa takes less than a minute.
Once you have completed your part, your employer will need to approve your enrolment to complete the process. This is usually completed within 2 business days. Depending on the company you work for it can take up to a week. You will receive an email notification once your enrolment has been finalised.

– Full Name (Required)
– Email Address (Required)
– Unique Identifier/Employee ID (Required)
– Salary (Required if salaried)
– Days/Hours Worked (Required if non-salaried, working part-time, shift work, or irregular hours)
– Wages for Shifts (Required for all shift workers)
– Start and End Date of Employment
– Bank Account Number (Required to make transfers)

Clicking the link below is the fastest way to bring Paisa to your company and allows you to join Paisa.
– Click here to join the Paisa Waiting List.

We look forward to working with your company soon!

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Building a Financially
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Attract, motivate and retain talent by making any day salary day.


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